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Kojo Installation FAQ

Font size adjustment

Kojo tries to scale up the size of its fonts and user interface based on your display resolution. If you want to adjust this size further, here’s what you can do:
Go to File -> Settings, and adjust the font size from there. Then restart Kojo.

Dark Theme

Go to File -> Settings, and adjust the theme from there. Then restart Kojo.

Silent Installs

You can do silent installs by running the Kojo installer with the -q option.

For example, on Windows, you can run the following (assuming that the file you have downloaded is Kojo_windows-x64_2_9_23_with_jre.exe):

Kojo_windows-x64_2_9_23_with_jre.exe -q

In a similar way, a silent uninstall can be done by running the uninstaller (from the Kojo install directory) with the -q option:

"C:\Program Files\Kojo\uninstall.exe" -q

Installation on a Windows terminal server

Brief notes for now. If you want to do this, get in touch at kojoinstall@kogics.net.

  • Use the cross-platform Kojo installer
  • After installation, in the Kojo bin directory, make a copy of kojo.cmd called, say, kojo-wt.cmd
  • Put the following into kojo-wt.cmd:
    @echo off
    SET kojolibdir="..\lib"
    SET kojojavacp=
    SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion
    echo %kojolibdir%
    FOR %%A IN (%kojolibdir%\*) DO ( 
    SET kojojavacp=!kojojavacp!;%%~A
    echo %kojojavacp%
    call java -cp "%kojojavacp%" -Duser.home=instanceSpecificDir net.kogics.kojo.lite.NewKojoInstance

    Where instanceSpecificDir is different for each Kojo instance.

  • Run Kojo using kojo-wt.cmd

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