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Gaming Reference

  • drawStage(color) - draws a stage on the canvas with the given color. The stage border can be used for collision detection with game objects to keep them within the canvas.
  • canvasBounds - returns the bounds of the canvas within an object that has x, y, width, and height data values.
  • Picture { turtle drawing } - creates a picture out of a turtle shape.
  • Picture.image(fileName) - creates a picture from an image file.
  • pic.draw() - draws the given picture on the canvas. Just creating a picture does not draw it. The creation via a function and the drawing via a command are separate operations.
  • pic.translate(x, y) - moves the picture named pic on the canvas by the given amount.
  • pic.rotate(angle) - rotates the picture around its origin by the given angle.
  • pic.rotateAboutPoint(x, y, angle) - rotates the picture by the given angle around the given (x, y) in the local coordinate system of the picture.
  • pic.setPosition(x, y) - sets the position of the picture named pic to be the given (x, y) on the canvas.
  • pic.collidesWith(otherPic) - checks to see if pic is in collision with otherPic.
  • pic.onMouseClick { { (x, y) => code } - runs the given code when the mouse is clicked on the picture. The code has access to the (x, y) of the mouse click.
  • bouncePicVectorOffStage(pic, vel) - computes a new velocity for pic moving with velocity that collides with the stage border.
  • Vector2D(x, y) - creates a vector with the two given components. The vector specifies a magnitude and a direction.
  • animate { code } - schedules your code to be called approximately fifty times per second.

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