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Web-App export and deployment

Steps in brief (for now; more details soon):

Exporting the Web-App

  • Load the script you want to export in the script editor in desktop-Kojo.
  • Clock on File -> Export Script as Web-App.
  • This will compile the script via iKojo, and create a Web-App based on the script under ~/kojo-export.

Running the Web-App locally

  • Go over to ~/kojo-export/webapp, and launch index.html. This will open your system browser and start running the exported Web-App.

Putting the Web-App in the cloud (using Netlify)

  • Assume that your Web-App will go live at https://yourapp.netlify.app
  • Under the ~/kojo-export/webapp folder, update icon.png (if you want)
  • Under the ~/kojo-export/webapp folder, update manifest.json (set start_url and url to https://yourapp.netlify.app)
  • Login to Netlify (you can use your github id for this).
  • Drag-n-drop your webapp folder onto the Netlify page to create a new site (with a Netlify generated name).
  • Go to site settings and change the site name to yourapp from the Netlify generated name.
  • Your site will now be live at https://yourapp.netlify.app

Creating a mobile app from your Web-App

  • Point PWABuilder (www.pwabuilder.com) at your Web-App to generate an android app.
  • More information on this soon…

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