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These pages describe the Turtle Graphics facility within Kojo.

Getting Started

To get going with Kojo, use the Getting Started book. This book will help you learn:

  • the basic turtle graphics commands available in Kojo.
  • how to write programs using these commands - to draw on the canvas.
  • how to make geometric patterns.
  • how to analyze given geometric patterns, and to recreate these patterns in a structured way - via programs that you write.

Turtle Graphics Reference

As you go through the Getting Started book, it’s useful to be able to see all the basic turtle commands in one place.

Core Concepts

It’s also useful to be able to see all the core concepts in one place.

Art Ideas

To spice things up as you go along, here are a bunch of art ideas.


What’s art without colors? Kojo has great support for colors, and it’s good for you to know the details.

Picture Basics

Pictures build upon turtle graphics to let you create more intricate art, learn deeper ideas in programming and computer science, and also build animations and games. For now, it’s good for you to learn enough about Pictures to help you import and align multiple turtle drawings into one composition.

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