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Hunted 3 - adding background and character images

This activity has the following desired goals:

  • Learning to use images for richer characters and background (A, M)
  • Using the above idea to give the game your own look and feel (M, T).

Step 0

Download the zip file with the image assets for the game - hunted3-assets.zip. This zip file contains the following image files:


Uncompress this zip-file and put it under any folder on your computer. Let’s call this folder full/path/to/assets.

So now the above images will be in the folder full/path/to/assets/hunted3-assets.

Step 1

Type in the following code and run it:

drawStage(ColorMaker.hsl(120, 1.00, 0.08))
val cb = canvasBounds
// change the following line as per the location of the assets folder on your computer
val assetsDir = "full/path/to/assets/hunted3-assets"

val bg = Picture.image(s"$assetsDir/bg.png")
bg.setPosition(cb.x, cb.y)

val player = Picture.image(s"$assetsDir/player_run1.png")
player.setPosition(cb.x + cb.width / 2, cb.y + 20)

val nh = 5
val hunters = ArrayBuffer.empty[Picture]
val huntersVel = HashMap.empty[Picture, Vector2D]

repeatFor(1 to nh) { n =>
    val pic = Picture.image(s"$assetsDir/robot_walk4.png")
    pic.setPosition(cb.x + cb.width / (nh + 2) * n, cb.y + 100 + randomDouble(0, cb.height - 200))
    val hv = Vector2D(random(1, 4), random(1, 4))
    huntersVel(pic) = hv

def gameLost() {
    drawCenteredMessage("You Lost", red, 30)

val speed = 5
animate {
    repeatFor(hunters) { h =>
        var hv = huntersVel(h)

        if (h.collidesWith(stageBorder)) {
            hv = bouncePicOffStage(h, hv)
            huntersVel(h) = hv

        if (h.collidesWith(player)) {

        repeatFor(hunters) { h2 =>
            if (h.collidesWith(h2)) {
                hv = bouncePicOffPic(h, hv, h2)
                huntersVel(h) = hv

    if (isKeyPressed(Kc.VK_RIGHT)) {
        player.translate(speed, 0)
    if (isKeyPressed(Kc.VK_LEFT)) {
        player.translate(-speed, 0)
    if (isKeyPressed(Kc.VK_UP)) {
        player.translate(0, speed)
    if (isKeyPressed(Kc.VK_DOWN)) {
        player.translate(0, -speed)

    if (player.collidesWith(stageBorder)) {

Q1a. Which lines in the above code make the hunters bounce off each other?

Q1b. Which line in the above code loads the image for the player? Which line draws this image?

Q1c. Which line in the above code loads the image for the hunters? Which line draws this image?

Q1d. Which line in the above code loads the background image? Which line draws this image?


Extend the above game by using your own assets. You will need three images for this - one for the player, one for the hunters, and one for the background. Get these images from the internet.

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