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Picture collisions and bouncing

This activity has the following desired goals:

  • Learning to check for picture collisions (A, M).
  • Learning to bounce colliding pictures off each other (A, M).
  • Using the above ideas to animate multiple objects while: (M, T)
    • keeping them within the stage area.
    • making them bounce off each other.

Step 1

Type in the following code and run it:

val cb = canvasBounds

val pic1 = Picture {
    val n = 6
    repeat(n) {
        right(360.0 / n)
pic1.setPosition(cb.x + 20, 0)
var vel1 = Vector2D(4, 0)

val pic2 = Picture {
    val n = 5
    repeat(n) {
        right(360.0 / n)
pic2.setPosition(cb.x + cb.width - 40 - 20, 0)
var vel2 = -vel1

draw(pic1, pic2)
animate {

    if (pic1.collidesWith(pic2)) {
        vel1 = bouncePicOffPic(pic1, vel1, pic2)
        vel2 = -vel1

Q1a. Read through the code above and try to understand what it does. Then explain to a friend.

Q1b. What do you think pic1.collidesWith(pic2) does? Is this a command or a function? What are its inputs and outputs?

Q1c. What do you think bouncePicOffPic(pic1, vel1, pic2) does? Is this a command or a function? What are its inputs and outputs?


Function descriptions:

  • pic.collidesWith(other: Picture) - returns true if pic has collided with other.
  • bouncePicOffPic(pic: Picture, vel: Vector2D, obstacle: Picture)- for a picture pic moving with velocity vel - this function returns the velocity after bouncing off obstacle.


Write a program that does the following:

  • Draws four non-overlapping rectangles in the center region of the stage.
  • Moves the rectangles towards the four corners of the stage.
  • Keeps the rectangles within the stage borders (by making them bounce off the borders).
  • Makes the rectangles bounce off each other (so that whenever any two collide, they bounce off each other).

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