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About iKojo

iKojo is the internet/web based version of Kojo. It supports the following subset of the features of desktop-Kojo:


Getting Started


Pages (from the Kojo-Docs website):


Here are some examples showing iKojo in action:


Games (for devices that have a keyboard. Mobile games are listed further down):

Games (for mobile/touch devices; currently experimental):
Instructions - run the game, and then click on the game ‘start’ button to switch to fullscreen mode and start playing (note that fullscreen mode is currently not supported on Apple/iOS devices).

  • Hunted - best played in portrait mode. Control the player with the joystick at the bottom of the screen.
  • Hunted - with sound.
  • Collidium - best played in landscape mode. Launch the ball with your finger. Then draw paddles with your finger to guide the ball towards the target.
  • Collidium - with sound.
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Bugs

Background information

The core idea behind iKojo is the following:

  • To enable users to easily start experimenting with Kojo without having to download/install anything. When they want to dig deeper and do more serious programming, they can download/install the desktop-Kojo app.
  • To enable users to easily share (via a web link) the games and simulations that they write in Kojo. The game or simulation can be developed in desktop-Kojo, and then shared via iKojo.
    Note - generative art that is created within desktop-Kojo does not really require iKojo for sharing, as it can be easily shared (in image format) via the many image sharing apps that exist out there (like instagram, facebook, twitter, etc). Hence iKojo is optimized more for animations than pretty drawings.

iKojo Terms of Use

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