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Module 3X - Drawings and Generative Art with Picture Graphics

Create richer generative art using functional graphics, math, and AI
Around 25 one-hour classes plus projects


Functional graphics, functional programming, multiple co-ordinate systems, grid based designs, mandala designs, deep-learning AI for style transfer.


Create a wide range of generative art using compositional graphics, grids, mandalas, and AI.


Critical thinking, creative thinking, more advanced programming, introduction to deep-learning AI, analysis, design, real-word impact via printable merchandise. Plus an introduction to the spiritual dimension.


Programming proficiency certificate, rich and intricate printable art.

Lesson Plans

For more information on Picture based Generative Art, take a look at the following tutorials:

The Picture Graphics Reference page contains a listing of all the useful Picture commands and functions.

A dynamic grid

Another dynamic grid

An irregular grid painted with a color palette

An irregular grid painted with colors from an image

Another irregular grid painted with colors from an image

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